Georgetown Electric and Gas Water Heaters

Georgetown Electric and Gas Water Heaters

It is very important to select and install a new water heater carefully. A properly sized and integrated system will determine how well the unit will operate over the long haul as well as how reliable it will be for many years to come. As the leading water heater installation service in Georgetown, our professionals take the time to assess your needs, both in terms of the capacity of your water heater and your budget, so that you can make the right choice when it comes to the installation of your water heater.

Water heaters of all types are regularly installed by our plumbing experts, including:

  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Hybrid water heaters

We will install your new water heater once our professional plumbers have helped you choose the ideal model. The installation of your new water heater is double-checked to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work that has been done and to ensure that we have performed the best job we can.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters differ from the types mentioned above in that they do not have a tank. Although it might seem unusual to have a water heater that doesn’t store water, there are many benefits to having one. Tank water heaters produce hot water around the clock, whereas tankless water heaters only produce hot water when there is a demand for it. You will not only have plenty of hot water, but you will also save money on your energy bills, since you won’t have to heat a large tank of water.

There are two basic types of tankless hot water heaters, each designed to use different sources of energy:

Electric tankless hot water heater

Gas-free homes are best suited for electric tankless water heaters. Compared to tankless gas heaters, these tanks are compact, require no venting, and are less noisy. Due to the sheer amount of electricity they require, these types of tankless units can be expensive. The energy required to heat a large home with a tankless, electric water heater is well over 100,000 BTU’s, or British Thermal Units. Additionally, electric water heaters have to work harder in colder climates, which can stress their coils and wires.

Gas tankless hot water heater

Since tankless gas water heaters use much less electricity than electric models, they are more energy efficient. As well as lasting longer, they require fewer repairs. It is sometimes necessary to reroute existing gas lines in order to accommodate tankless gas water heaters. Water is heated using gas burners instead of copper coils in tankless electric heaters. Consumer Reports has proven that tankless gas heaters are more efficient because of the intensity at which these burners operate and therefore the rate at which they heat your water.

What Kind of Water Heater Do I Need?

There are pros and cons to both storage tank and tankless water heaters. If you don’t need a lot of hot water simultaneously and would like essentially endless hot water when you do, a tankless water heater is an excellent purchase. If, however, you need to run multiple hot showers simultaneously at any given time, a traditional storage tank water heater may better meet your needs if you have a high consumption rate at any given time. If a tankless water heater cannot handle high usage, it will be expensive, and if it falls short, it will result in tepid water. Call now and get a free quote!